Did you know that selling homes for cash is on the rise? Close to a third of U.S. homes were bought with cash in the first 4 months of 2021.

Why are so many people selling their homes for cash? Should you do the same for your home in Charleston?

Keep reading to discover why you should consider selling your house for cash.

What Is a Cash Offer and Who Makes Them?

A cash offer means that a buyer will pay for a house without any financing.

Cash offers are made by a variety of people and organizations.

Some cash buyers may have just sold their home and want to invest the money they made from the sale in another property. Individual investors and companies known as iBuyers are other entities that make cash offers.

There are even real estate investment firms that will buy your house for cash to help you with issues like foreclosure.

No matter how or from whom you receive a cash offer, there are certain benefits you get from selling your home in this non-traditional manner.

1. Faster Closing Time 

Selling homes for cash is a much faster process because your buyer doesn’t have to go through the process of getting a loan approved. It takes an average of 47 days to close on a house when you’re applying for a conventional purchase loan.

On the other hand, selling homes for cash can take just a few weeks. This faster closing time can be extremely beneficial to you if you’re on a tight time budget.

2. You Spend Less to Sell

There are many costs that disappear when you sell your house for cash.

If you know from the start that you only want cash offers, then you can save money by not putting your house on the market. 

Not putting your house on the market will save you money on commission fees for a real estate agent (up to 6% in Charleston, SC). You also won’t be paying for potential staging costs because you won’t need to have house showings.

Selling your home for cash means there are few, if any, contingencies to meet so you don’t have to spend money on repairs and improvements.

Lastly, you save a lot of money in closing costs like appraisal fees and processing fees.

3. The Process is Less Stressful

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t any showings when you don’t place your house on the market, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your house in a constant state of showing condition.

You also don’t have to worry about a potential buyer not getting approved for a loan when you’re already a month into finalizing the deal.

And there is less negotiating involved in cash offers.

Sell Homes for Cash to Doll Property

Cash offers can speed up your closing time and reduce the stress and costs involved with traditional home selling methods. If this method sounds like the best option for you, then consider contacting Doll Property Group.

Doll Property Group buys homes for cash. They can give you an offer within 24 hours of contacting them so that you can enjoy a fast and stress-free home selling experience. Request a quote on our website today!

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