Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Doll Property Group?

Why not? We are local, regular people and we are interested in people and their situations not just properties and profits. If your property or situation is not within our scope of expertise then we’ll assign you to one of our investment partners that is. Our goal is to help you sell your house, even if we’re not the ones buying it.

How long does it take to close?

As little as 7 days in some cases. Our engines are always on “GO” so we try to move as quickly and swiftly through the process as humanly possible.

Are you going to “low ball” me on my asking price?

No. Our goal when structuring a fair offer is to assess the current market value of your property based on its current condition. My mentor Brian used to tell me “it’s math not magic” meaning we want to give you as much as we can for your property while still making a smart investment for ourselves. This is why we offer options like all-cash or terms to purchase your property.

What does “TERMS” mean?

Terms are when we agree to purchase your property with either a lease-option (rent-to-own) or seller-financing. This allows us to offer up to and in some cases above peak market value.

What is a “LEASE OPTION”?

This is also known as a rent-to-own or option-to-purchase. In this type of transaction, you would lease the property to Doll Property Group for an agreed amount of time (term) for an agreed monthly rate with the option for us to purchase the property on or before an agreed date. We are responsible for all maintenance and repairs so no landlord headaches for you.


We agree on a sale price and instead of cashing you out we agree on monthly payments for an agreed amount of time with a buyout date set. Unlike a lease-option, you would convey the deed of ownership to us like a bank would. You still own the collateral of the property while we hold the deed so if terms are ever defaulted you have the right to foreclose and we forfeit all monies while you take back your property.

Why would I sell on TERMS?

There are a few reasons why selling on terms may be the right move for you. You can avoid capital gains tax, create a much faster and smoother closing process, you can get more than your asking price over the term of the agreement, you create monthly income with zero responsibilities or burdens. Which of these sounds good to you?

What types of property do you buy?

Any! Although our focus is to help sellers who find themselves physically or financially burdened with a property, we are open to any and all investment opportunities so if you have a beautiful home you want to sell quickly, a piece of vacant land, a mobile home, commercial building, or abandoned house then we want to get to know you and your situation to see if we would be a smart buying solution for you.